Gnome Torrent

A GNOME BitTorrent frontend


This software should be considered as unfinished and in an unstable state. I don't have much time for it now, so if you want to contribute or taking care of the project you are welcome to contact me


Everybody loves screenshots :)

The main window The main window, translated The preferences dialog The tray icon


You can get the last version at: gnome-torrent-0.2.tar.gz


CVS repository

Now the gnome-torrent project is hosted on the GNOME CVS

For getting the code you can use the next commands:

    $ cvs -d co gnome-torrent


Although you can use this software, there's some things to be done yet, so your help will be welcome:

Author and contact

This software has been developed by Jorge Bernal <koke(a)>. Please contact me for bugs, suggestions or anything but spam ;)